Ainol V3000

The Ainol V3000 is an PMP player (Portable Media Player) with a high resolution 4.3-inch screen (800 X 480). The screen used in this model is a LTPS screen, which allows this compact device to give you crisp imaging displaying 16 million colors. Even though this is a powerfull device with up to 16gb internal memory, it can easily fit in your pocket.

The Ainol V3000 has all the features you could want in a PMP player, it plays a wide variety of audio, video and picture types and allows text-viewing of e-books. When you get bored with your own albums, why not turn on your FM radio or record your own music or messages? Whilst doing so you can look at your own favorite picture that you can display as a background for your mediaplayer. It's even possible to use the Ainol V3000 gamepad to play NES games with a NES emulator.

Sounds complicated you say? Not to worry! The Ainol V3000 has a user-friendly menu and supports over 20 different languages. Included are simplified Chinese, English, French, Russian, Italian, Deutsch, Spanish, Portuguese and much more. This way you are sure to get the most out of your new PMP player.

There are many Ainol V3000 reviews to be found throughout the net. They all speak very positive about the brightness and clearness of the screen, the great amount of features and the capacity that the Ainol V3000 has (depending on whether the review is about a 4gb, 8gb or a 16gb player results may vary). People are pleasantly surprised by this newcomer in the PMP business. Read an Ainol V3000 review and buy your new PMP player with confidence!